Positive Psychology – The Ultimate Frontier for Psychology

Positive Psychology is the systematic and scientific study of human strengths and virtues ,which each one of us posses. This fascinating field that evolved dramatically in the last two decades is chancing the landscape across domains. Through cutting edge research from some of the most respectable universities have now proven beyond doubt that done rightly with the right mindset it can certainly enable individuals and communities to thrive. Positive Psychology is founded on the firm belief that each one of us want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to nurture our character strengths, and to enhance our varied experiences of life, love, work, and play.


This fascinating field encompasses the following:

  • Optimism
  • Compassion
  • Appreciative Enquiry
  • Flow
  • Resilience
  • Wellbeing & Happiness
  • Core Character Strengths
  • Positive Aging
  • Life of Purpose
  • Life Satisfaction


To know more on this emerging phenomenon, given below are a list of videos which provide an interesting exposition of this life changing field:


3 thoughts on “Positive Psychology – The Ultimate Frontier for Psychology

  1. Dear SIr,

    I hope , soon we can expect some actionable tips which we can follow in todays fast word. Also on the same level, for each post if you could s provide a small paragraph abstract first and then rest in details , it would help many of us o see that what is covered in, what is the take aways etc.



    1. Dear Sree

      Many thanks for your kind observations and suggestion! Will definitely consider your suggestions.

      Prof.Chris Abraham

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