Flow and Success

There are special moments in our lives when we actually lose track of time.Imagine a moment when you are practicing or performing something you are really passionate about and you do not realize the time that has passed.You are mindful of every single moment in your memory and savoring the joy of complete fulfillment.Its indeed a special moment and psychologists call this the Ultimate State of Flow.Today with neurological studies across the world we have understood that each one of us is capable of reaching this unique  Flow state ,which can lead to an enhanced form of Happiness beyond our imagination.Excellence in life is thus determined more by Flow than by ordinary Happiness.While Happiness is normally determined by external and internal circumstances,Flow results in a heightened form of consciousness.

According to research done by the renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ,one in five Americans share that they experience Flow several times a day.Mihaly further validates that Flow happens when we do what we love doing ,like gardening,playing music or our favorite sport or dancing.Even work can reach Flow state when we have a Purpose and are passionate about it.


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